Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Song of the Day

Well, I'm in Houston right now, furniture shopping. We're having such a difficult time picking colors and everything as the house isn't even done. We really need a home decorator or something. Anybody have any house decorating experience and suggestions to share?

Anyways, on to the song of the day. This song is quite heartfelt and gives me a large feeling of nostalgia. It's a song about being left behind and being unable to forget the memories. The melody makes it really easy to sing along and the vocals are really smooth.

Song of the Day
Sam Tsui - Shadow

Sam Tsui is a wonderful singer and you should most definitely check out some of his other songs and coveres. He collaborates with quite a few popular YouTube artists like Kurt Schneider (you should definitely check out his collab covers - he's a wonderful artist as well) and he's quiet charismatic.

But anyways, did you like the song? 


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