Friday, July 5, 2013

Song of the Day, Rants, and Apologies

I personally have no problem about people inviting me to things but when I receive like ten emails asking me to join the exact same giveaway that I'm hosting, it gets pretty annoying. As I'm sure, all of you have probably received the same emails from me or from other blogs. With that, I would like to sincerely apologize for them as well as for myself.

I started emailing when I first started my giveaway but it seems like many other bloggers either had the same idea or followed from my example. Either way, I apologize for the spam. I didn't realize there were so many other bloggers that would do the same. It's quite frustrating having to go through them all isn't it?

And then there are the bloggers who post their giveaway under my other blog posts without even referencing to the post in the first place! Boy does it push my buttons >w<  So please, if you're a blogger thinking of doing that under any of my posts, please mind that doing that is not respectful to my blog and its kind of nerve grating.

Anyways, on to my song of the day. Today's song I found while YouTube browsing. What I mean by that is that I was surfing videos when this commercial came up (if you've been YouTube surfing I'm pretty sure you've seen it). I fell in love with it then and there. The piano in the back is quite soothing, the melody just gets stuck in your head, and the music video is kind of cool. This artist's voice is really soothing. The way he enunciates and stresses each part of his song is simply amazing. Each stanza is like a song all on their own. The lyrics are really beautiful. My favorite stanza is probably this one:

"Flying through a bright blue sky
with a space boy high
from the world I leave behind
It's enough to lose my head
disappear and not be seen again."

You can really feel the emotion when he sings it. Not to mention that this entire song is basically themed off of the ocean. Unless you personally know me, you probably didn't know this but I love water or space themed songs. Both are just so ethereal and mysterious. I mean, have you ever wanted to just be able to live in water or in space and just... live? Anyways, this is a wonderful love song and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Song of the Day
Mika - Underwater

If you would like, you can totally rant at the bottom of this post about all those emails you've been getting or you can comment about whether you like this song or comment about song suggestions.

I hope you all have a wonderful day^^

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