Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Agacistore Review

You guys have no idea just how excited I am!

About a week or two ago, I was cramming giveaways to get my mom a present for her birthday (which was on the 29th and because I was - and still am - super broke). I entered this YouTube giveaway of this new 19 year old YouTuber, tahjaxo for this shoe giveaway to the website Agacistore. Anyways, long story short, I won a giveaway! I ended up choosing these Olisa 35 Cut Out Nubuck Lace Up Bootie in a nude, size 6.5

The shoes just came in today and my mom loved them so I was really pumped. She asked me to send pictures to her as proof to show her viewers so I decided to post them here as well. Plus they're super cute.

The box it came in - AGACISTORE style

And in it came another box!

The shoes inside the box because... they'er obviously supposed to be
inside the box

The super adorable shoes

No photo review is ever complete

Without a selfie or two
The store had a pretty good selection and there were quite a few things I liked. I loved the website and shipping was incredibly fast. I didn't personally order the shoes from the website so I can't say anything about customer service but the prices are pretty decent. They're actually having a sale right now if you guys want to go and check it out.

On a Scale from 1 to 10
Quality: 8
Shipping: 10
Website: 9
Prices: 8
Customer Service: N/A
Overall: 9

Tahja basically saved me this week. She's super bubbly, cute, and super sweet! You guys should definitely check out her YouTube Channel, Twitter, and Instagram

Anyways, just thought I would give you guys a run down on my week. So yayyyy! How are your summers going? 


  1. Such a cute pair of shoes! :X

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