Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Projects

Well, I'm just going to make this blog my summer project. I actually have a lot of projects going on right now, now that I think about it. I'm going to college next year so I'm attempting to learn how to cook - I never realized how difficult and time consuming it was - as well as learning blog editing and photography. My family and I are also renovating a house while I'm siding piano again. My boyfriend is trying to teach me philosophy, how to watch and buy/sell stocks, and how to debate. I'm not good at any of the three. 

I'm attempting to exercise as well. I plan on giving myself a make over before I head out for senior year. It's been a goal of mine and it's either "do it senior year and wow all the people who called you ugly before" or "do it before you head for college because its a new beginning." I kind of just want to get healthy and wear the clothes I want. In order to do this, I've been searching sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, and just Google in general for exercises. I'll pretty much do anything but run. I really can't run.

I feel like I sound really busy but my life doesn't feel that way at all. Half the time, I'm sitting on the couch on my super old laptop browsing the web. 

This is really random but I feel like Sarah Jessica Parker off of Sex and the City and how she writes out everything about her life and stuff at the end of every episode. 

But yeah. Time to go cook lunch for the family (god forbid I burn anything). I'll be back soon!

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